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Identify and license low-risk, previously relinquished undeveloped discoveries. For instance, the decision makers at that time did not have the benefit of additional local infrastructure or pipeline ullage that has been added since. We then deploy new, reprocessed, and higher resolution data that is now available to reaffirm the economic viability of the discovery, and eventually synthesise a development plan using innovative techniques and software tools.

Aim to acquire mature production assets that are closer to the beginning of their decommissioning phase where we can leverage other assets in the region to extend its life and capitalise on our ability to structure the financing of the decommissioning liability in a unique and cost effective manner.

Through joint ventures and partnerships, it is our goal to create alignment of interest in the region to extend the life of the local infrastructure thereby enhancing the viability of several other blocks in the region that may not be otherwise economical to develop.

Access to Capital

Tangram is fully capitalised through shareholder funds and has access to highly sophisticated market participants that are able to tap into their vast network of investors and financiers. The Management team is able to deliver efficient corporate capital structure to obtain optimum risk reward for the shareholders.

Collaboration with JV Partners

Tangram Energy is eager to partner with like-minded, well-funded partners that echo the philosophy of the management team and are committed to generating significant shareholder value through innovation, technology and creative approaches.